Summer Fun

Hi everyone,

Well another two months have gone by since last time and probably Summer has too! So…what have we been busy doing?


Well, last time I mentioned the In-Bloom project of Sweet peas, Geraniums and also Lupins we planted in May.

As the weeks went on they have all flourished well and we were lucky with the weather as I’d worried about them before the In-Bloom. The judges seemed to be pretty impressed by our new area and also our plans for next year when we hope to have a Bat box and work on our Cobbled garden area planting new flowers/shrubs to attract Moths and Butterflies, AND the Sweet peas were tremendous giving us bunch after bunch!!

Trevor is also working hard for next year’s project to put in the cobbled garden, but that’s for 2017. He has also been tending his tomatoes again using the bottled greenhouse made last year and we have had lots of tomatoes off and also some for café sandwiches too.


Into the School holidays and we kicked off again this year Aug 7th with the Fields in Trust ‘Have a Field day’. Unfortunately even though we advertised with several media sources we were left wondering if anyone would turn up. I spotted the Indian community children out on the field just exercising so I invited them across and with about a dozen of the children and Molly’s late arrival grandchildren we started our events.

With Races, Egg & Spoon, Sack race and many more everyone had a good time and the day turned out well after all.




We also added this year Summer Wednesday activities for local school children starting 10th Aug with a Nature walk or better known as the ‘Bug’ hunt. It was a gorgeous day and we had about a dozen children of various ages came with parents who were given a cup and spoon which would hold what they could find. I’d made 2 charts, they were pictures of common bugs and also our garden birds which were ticked off as the children found or saw them. They were also shown our Bees by Ian one of our keepers and they really enjoyed that. Back in the café they were given refreshments and the day was great success.


Wednesday following we had a Treasure hunt which I set in and around the café just in case the weather was wet but again we had a beautiful day and even better attendance of children. There were 20 questions to find answers to and excited children and parents were dashing round trying to find them all, then on totalling up the scores we had ‘Winners’ Kiel, Mellissa & the Terrible Trio! All received Wands/bottles of Bubbles.

Our next Wednesday was a Mini Sports day, yet another glorious day although a bit windy. There were that many children came I was beginning to wonder if we could fit All the races in in one day.

Children booked in from age 3-13yrs each with their number pinned on. We had many heats of different age groups and it was all Ian could do to keep a tally on finishing places but we coped (somehow). The children Ran, skipped and hopped their little socks off and totally enjoyed it.
 Races included the favourites like Egg & Spoon, Sack, 100m, 50m, also other races were Hopping, Shoulder hug, Backwards, Skipping rope, Welly Wang and Bean bag toss.
 After, all the children were given a well-deserved picnic given to them by Molly & Tracey from the café. There were far too many scores to add up for giving out certificates due to the numbers so I decided that they would all get a medal or trophy to take home and the certificates would be displayed in the café for them to pick up during the week.
 Yet another successful event, even the Mothers were coaxed into a sack race and to finish we had a ‘Tug of War’ just for fun.

Our 4th Wednesday was a Play Dough day not too good a day weather-wise but ‘Hey Ho’ this was inside day. About 14 children turned up and I’d bought a case of 24 play dough kits, these were given to them in the colour combinations of their choice depending on which category they chose to make from. Café; cakes, muffins, biscuits etc. Orchard; Fruit trees, Apples, Pears, flowers or Bees. Race event; Trophy, medal with/without ribbon.

All set they started,


After much squeezing, rolling and moulding their creations were ready and waiting to be displayed.


‘The Cakes and Buns’

‘Fruit and Baskets’

‘Bees & Flowers’


Lots of the children have come back quite a few times too.    

Our last Holiday event was a ‘Teddy bears Picnic’ Sun Sep 4th which we thought would round the holidays off nicely. We’d asked the children if they were coming to the picnic after the play dough day to make a bear and bring it back for judging.

Lots of Bears and cuddlesome toys turned up with their owners and we’d set 3 categories; Best dressed, Best Loved and best Dough model.
Two independent ladies judged the bears whilst the children tucked into their picnic which Molly had provided as a treat from the café. The winners were left to right; Alfie with best loved (originally daddy’s bear) Molly with best all Pink model and Best dressed bear called ‘Tessy’ with Grandad Mum and little girl.



A lot of people put a lot of time and effort into these events. Not only did some of the children turn up to all the evens, some of the volunteers did too! A special thanks to Molly and Tracy and the Georgie Porgy team for providing packed lunches and endless cups of tea. Special thanks go to all the volunteers in front and behind the scenes who made it all possible over the weeks.


Well the Autumn is approaching us now with Thurs 22nd Sep being the Equinox of the equal hours of night & day. The trees are shedding their leaves and changing into autumnal vibrant colours. The fruit trees are fit to burst forth their fruit and on that note I’d like to tell you that we picked 2 lots of apples over this month from our Orchard. I made Apple pie & Apple & Pear crumble for our committee meeting which went down very well with the first lot.


Here’s our Apples, Pears & Tomatoes 2nd crop.

Since we started our Orchard in 2012/13 we have had fruit most years but not necessarily on all of the trees every year. They seem to have taken turns in which produces fruit but we haven’t been without problems. The past 3yrs before the fruit has been ripe it’s been stolen and then thrown because it wasn’t ripe and last year the squirrels had their share but, we have managed to have had just enough left for our autumn committee meet pie. The pears have only produced twice, this year being the best after a bad start with blight of some kind.

This year has probably been the best all-round and although you may not think it with the results it’s just magic for us and made us very happy. The trees that have produced fruit are Fiesta, Red Devil, Sunset and Williams’s pears and, haven’t been raided. We’ve even given them out to passers-by as well when we’ve been in the orchard working.

Apple yield approx. 12lbs, Pear yield 2-3lbs, Tomatoes 2-3lb as well.

Well that’s brought you up to date with us now and we will be winding down with jobs in the orchard. The football season has started again, The Bee Team will put the bees to beddy-byes making sure they have food to tide them over till spring and the café will open on nicer days.

Till next time,

Signing out, Pat x