Georgie Porgie's Café


Georgie Porgie's café was setup up in May 2012 with the help of lottery funding and support from Tameside Area Health Authority, TMBC 'You choose' recycling, Comic relief and the Co-op . Since then, has raised over £1,200.00 for the Friends of King George  V Playing Fields. Staffed entirely by volunteers, and with all proceeds going to the FOKGVPF funds, it has already proved to be a valuable asset to the community and is used by many people whilst they are enjoying all the facilities of the playing fields.

The Georgie Porgie's cafe got fatter over the Christmas holidays. Because of it's great success the old kitchen was to small. With the help of a grant from Tameside Council the builders are in, expanding the kitchen to twice its size. The volunteers working in the cafe found it very cuddly when they were working together through the busy times because of the amount of people buying drinks and food from Georgie Porgie's. The FoKGVPF management team decided it would have to make the kitchen bigger to get more equipment and volunteers in to it. The cafe needs to be ready for the start of the football season on Saturday. The builders will finish on Wednesday so it will be all hands to the pumps, to get the cafe ready.

If you would like to help as a volunteer and get the cafe ready contact Molly Dean, 01613342366, to help with the cleaning and stocking up the new kitchen or Trevor Kent, 01613394400, to help refitting all the shelves and equipment  or just turn up this week to get Georgie Porgie's kitchen ready. Alan Fish chairman of the friends group, said, I would like to thank all our volunteers and cafe goers, for making Georgie Porgie's a great success for King George's park and also Tameside Council for the grant enabling us to get a bigger kitchen.

Georgie Porgie's opens on Saturdays through the football season and in the summer when it is fine and the green flag is flying over the cafe. If you would like to be a volunteer in the Georgie Porgie's cafe or help out working in the park with the trees, plants and bees to make the park a better place, contact Alan Fish 07931765120 or or for more information go to or turn up on the first Wednesday in the month at 7.30pm at Georgie Porgie's the kettle will be on, the next meeting is on the 5th February


If you would like to get involved with helping out at Georgie Porgies, please contact Molly Dean on 0161 344 2366