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Tina (Tina@dah.co.uk)
Date:22/08/2014 16:10:06
Subject:Rubbish pool club

What a great idea to mix work and pleasure. Had a great time


Patricia Kent (patricia.kent@yahoo.co.uk)
Date:12/03/2014 13:42:20

Hi Ian,
Had another look at the site after Alan asked me for more info and received his write-up regarding all thats been planted in the last 2yrs.
The Poppy seed packing article has come out well which is recent and had a look through the rest.
We seem to be heading in the right direction, must make a start on the Poppies though!!



Patricia Kent (patricia.kent@yahoo.co.uk)
Date:28/02/2014 13:04:57

Hi Ian,
Just had a look at the pics you've put in, some good captions as well.
Site is looking very well now. Hopefully should soon have some really nice flower pictures to put on site as everything starts to flower.



Andy Holmes (andy@jellybean612045.plus.com)
Date:14/07/2013 08:38:17
Subject:A new lease of life

Brilliant to see all the effort you are all putting in and the events you are bringing back to the park. The dog shows over the last three years should be the tip of the iceberg and it would be good to see things like the Black Night pageant coming back and a welcome return to the Saturday morning kids football.
I love the idea of the bee keeping, orchard planting and all the effort that has gone into planting the new trees (I've seen too many chopped down or vandalised and never replaced).

Long may it continue and your combined afforts be rewarded!!



Alan Fish (lan.fish.161te@gmail.com)
Date:30/01/2013 09:31:42

I remember the ride on steam trains in the late fifties as I used to help picking litter and cleaning the site and I would get a free ride on the steam train.
Alan Fish


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